Systems Of Particales and Rotational Motion Mcq's for IIT-JEE 2022

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This post contains all level and good quality of questions of chapter System of Particles and Rotational Motion for preparing Physics Jee this questions are prepaired by experienced peoples from reputed institutes like IIT, NIT, IIIT...etc. 
Pdf contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) by level, like level 1, level 2. Solving Level 2 Questions are more hard than Level 1.
Solving this mcq makes you perfect in the physics also you will get to know How's your prepration going?, Where you have to put extra focus, timing and so on. 

IMORTANT SUBTOPICS: Here are the some important subtopics of chapter of physics Systems Of Particles and Rotational Motion for solving the Physics Jee Mcq's for exam IIT-JEE 2022.

1. Centre of mass.

2. centre of gravity.

3. Moment of inertia.

4. heorem of parallel and perpendicular axes.

5. Rigid body rotation.

PREPARATION STRATEGY: To perform better on the day of IIT-JEE 2022 exam only all you only need a better strategy from day ZERO and consistancy. If you follow this then am dam sure that you are gonna perform better on the day of exam.

Everyone may have there own strategy but still am giving you some tips. 

Strategy Tips:

1. Use the right books.

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2. Understand the pattern of IIT-JEE 2022 exam.

Without konwing the IIT-JEE 2022 exam pattern how you will prepare for exam. Click here to know IIT-JEE 2022 exam pattern.

3. Know the syllabus of IIT-JEE 2022 exam.

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4. Solve Mcq's.

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INSTRUCTIONS for Physics Jee Mcq's: This physics jee mcq sheet contains 25 Questions divided into 2 parts.

PART-I Contains 20 MCQ's with only one coreect option. Darken the correct circle in the rensponse grid on each page.

MARKING SCHEME: (+4) for correct and (-1) for incorrect answer and zero for unattempted.

PART-II Contains 5 Numeric/Integer type questions. Mark your answer in the box provided in the response grid.

MARKING SCHEME: (+4) for correct and (0) for incorrect answer and zero for unattempted.


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